Running In Place

Inside The Senate


Drawing on his experience as aide to former Majority Leader Howard Baker, the author lays open the workings of the U.S. Senate in a chronicle of a typical week on Capitol Hill.


“This is a lively, knowing, readable—and discouraging—book. If you feel you need to know—and you do—why the Senate has such trouble getting its work done, Jim Miller is your man. No one has written better about the increasing role of Senate staffers.”
—Senator Daniel Patrick Moyhihan

“Jim Miller has shown us the Senate as it really operates. Drawing from his own considerable know-how, he has given us what Lyndon Johnson used to call history with the bark off. It would be hard to imagine any portrait more subtle in its shadings, or so revealing in its details. After this, a lot of civics books may have to be rewritten.”
—Senate Majority Leader Robert J. Dole

“Jim Miller has served the republic well by showing us how even the elite of the Grand Old Senate—the brightest stars in the Congressional firmament—find their glory mixed with ashes, their power as limp as an old shoelace. The new Senate mirrors the new America, and neither can quite understand what has happened. They should read RUNNING IN PLACE.”
—Bill Moyers

“RUNNING IN PLACE provides a vivid and utterly convincing inside look at the modern U.S. Senate, revealing a refuge not of scoundrels but of relative newcomers—headstrong novices whose individual reaches exceed their collective grasp. Miller’s expertly drawn and intimate portraits of Senators and their aides in action help us understand the periodic despair of Senate leaders, who can meet today’s problems and match yesterday’s legends only by coaxing self-discipline and greatness from a Senate in constant danger of dissolving into a welter of competing personalities and conflicting personal agendas. Senators and their aides may resent the frankness of this book, but not if they read it carefully. For by exposing the Senate’s failures and foibles, Miller also shows just how worthy of renewed respect the Senate by its own efforts might easily become.”
—Eric Redman, Author of The Dance of Legislation

“RUNNING IN PLACE is a wonderful book. It manages to shed light on an important political issue—why the U.S. Congress has broken down—without losing its deft, entertaining touch or its observant eye. I learned from it and enjoyed every page.”
—James M. Fallows, Author of Who Runs Congress?

“Jim Miller’s book is an excellent introduction to politics as it actually goes on at the leadership level in the U.S. Senate. The treatments of Senators Baker and Domenici and several influential staff members are deft and interesting. Miller uses the experiences of a well-chosen week of Senate activity to put across the essentials of Senate processes.”
—David Mayhew, Professor of Government, Yale University